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At Moon Study and Travel, we believe that every journey should be a gateway to exploration, enrichment, and exhilaration. As a premier travel company, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences that encompass the thrill of adventure, the serenity of the open seas, and the vibrancy of urban landscapes. Our diverse range of tours, including Cruise and Sailing Tours, Adventure Sports Tours, and City Tours, are meticulously designed to ignite your wanderlust and create lasting memories.

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Cruise and Sailing Tours

These tours are characterized by the leisurely pace of travel, allowing participants to enjoy the stunning views of oceans, seas, rivers, and other bodies of water. Cruise tours often include luxurious accommodations, dining options, entertainment, and a range of on-board activities. Sailing tours, on the other hand, might offer a more intimate and hands-on experience, where participants can help navigate the vessel and learn about sailing techniques. These tours often visit multiple ports of call, allowing travelers to experience various destinations without the hassle of changing accommodations.

Adventure Sports Tours

These tours are designed to provide participants with thrilling experiences in natural or outdoor settings. Activities can range from hiking and rock climbing to zip-lining, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, and more. Adventure Sports Tours often take place in scenic landscapes, national parks, mountains, jungles, or even urban environments with opportunities for extreme sports. These tours are ideal for adventure enthusiasts who want to push their limits and experience the rush of trying new, daring activities.

City Tours

These tours are typically guided and may cover famous landmarks, historical sites, museums, art galleries, local markets, and popular neighborhoods. City Tours can take various forms, such as walking tours, bus tours, bike tours, or even culinary tours that focus on local cuisine. The aim of a City Tour is to provide participants with insights into the city’s character, lifestyle, and unique features. These tours are great for those who want to immerse themselves in the vibrancy and diversity of a city’s offerings.

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"I embarked on a breathtaking journey with Moon Study and Travel's Cruise Tour. From the moment I stepped on board, I was enveloped in luxury and serenity. The sights of endless horizons and the gentle sway of the sea were simply enchanting. The attention to detail and personalized service made every moment unforgettable. Moon Study and Travel truly delivered an experience that rejuvenated my spirit and redefined my idea of travel."
"Thrills beyond measure! Moon Study and Travel's Adventure Sports Tour was an exhilarating escapade like no other. From conquering rugged terrains to soaring through the skies, every activity pushed me beyond my comfort zone. The expert guides ensured my safety while challenging me to explore my limits. This tour ignited a fire within me to seek new adventures and inspired a newfound confidence. Kudos to Moon Study and Travel for creating a truly electrifying journey!"
"Unveiling the heart of the city was an enriching experience with Moon Study and Travel's City Tour. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, I delved deep into the culture and history of the destination. The knowledgeable guide led us through charming streets, vibrant markets, and captivating stories that brought the city to life. This tour not only satisfied my curiosity but also left me with cherished memories and a profound connection to the city. Thank you, Moon Study and Travel, for an eye-opening and unforgettable adventure!"